Extracting NI Digital Pattern Label Names From Pattern Files

Updated Jun 8, 2023



  • PXIe-6570
  • PXIe-6571


  • NI-Digital Pattern Driver

NI Digital Pattern Files are a type of file used with the NI-Digital Pattern Instruments, PXIe-657X series, that describe a pattern to burst. These label names are used by the NI-Digital "Configure Start Label" function to choose the pattern to burst.

When loading a large amount of Digital Pattern files into LabVIEW, it is useful to be able to extract the label names and populate a list, so that any test operators can quickly find the pattern to burst. This article will explain how to extract the label names from these files.

  1. The .digipat file has specific syntax, a large mix of backslash codes and ASCII text. The start label has a tag "[Startlabel]TDSm" that can be searched for at a specific location in the file.
  2. Using String Manipulation functions, it is possible to extract this tag and the following text of label name:
  3. It is possible to then put this into the "Strings []" property of a Ring control and allow a user to select this. The following snippet for LabVIEW 2020 shows how to do this fully with example pattern files:
    1. Put Label Into Ring.png

After completing the above, there will be a ring control populated with the digital pattern labels that can now be selected.