MPManager Cannot Access My Device

Updated Apr 14, 2021

Reported In


  • Micropross Accessories


SW: MPManager
HW: NI NFC Hardware (MP500, MP300, MP007)

Issue Details

When I open MPManager and connect to my NFC device, I receive the following message: "Limited access! MPManager cannot access your device. Please update your device system."

How do I resolve this?


A more recent version of MPManager is detecting an older version of firmware on the device you are using. Because MPManager and firmware are updated in parallel, MPManager requires an updated version of the firmware to work properly. You are receiving this message because MPManager requires a firmware update on your device in order to access all of the proper functionality.

Use the following steps to update your unit's firmware:

1. Download the latest firmware package for your unit in the download center at
2. Unzip the package to a file location of your choice
3. Open an older version of MPManager that does not produce this message when connecting to your device
4. Follow the steps in this article to update your firmware