Incorrect GPO Response Received in EMVCo PICC Digital Test Case CA010

Updated Apr 9, 2021

Reported In


  • Micropross Accessories


HW: MP500 or Contactless Test Station
SW: MPManager & EMVCo PICC Digital Test Suite

Issue Details

I am running the EMVCo PICC Digital Test Suite, and my card under test is failing the CA010 test cases with the following error: "Incorrect GPO Response received: APDU response length is incorrect: 2 bytes received". In the execution log, the PDOL tags in the Get Processing Options do not seem to reflect what the card under test is sending in the Select AID response.

What is causing this error?


This is error is being caused by a mismatch between what the test tool has stored in its Implementation Conformance Statement (ICS), and the card under test's actual response. The test suite needs to know precisely the ICS and the corresponding APDU sequence to expect from the card before it can successfully run the test cases.

Before running the test cases, the following procedure should be followed in the Transaction Parameters on the Test Suite Configuration tab under EMVCo Transaction:

     1. Select the appropriate EMV Application from the dropdown menu.
     2. Input the correct PDOL for your card under test in the PDOL section.
     3. Ensure the CDOL section is correct.
     4. Click on Auto-detect ICS to allow the test suite to probe your card under test and infer its ICS statement.
     5. Perform a sanity check on what is found in the Scenario section to ensure the APDU exchanges are correct.

Running the Auto-detect ICS will create an ICS file which contains all of the information that will be used to run the test.