Error -1074135022 Thrown by NI-SCOPE Other Channel Property

Updated Jun 20, 2023

Reported In


  • PXI Oscilloscope


  • InstrumentStudio
  • LabVIEW



Issue Details

I am using NI-SCOPE multi device session in my LabVIEW code to configure a channel of each of the two NI PXIe-5162(4 Channel) in my PXI system. I would like to measure the Time Delay & Phase Delay between these two channels and for this I am using the 'Other Channel' NI-SCOPE Property Node. However, when I run my LabVIEW program the Property Node throws the below error:

Error -1074135022 occurred at Property Node(arg 1) in Configured Acquisition - Multi-Device Session (1).vi

Possible reason(s):

IVI: (Hex 0xBFFA0012) Attribute or property not supported.

Attribute Id: Other Channel



However, I am able to perform the same measurements on these channels using the InstrumentStudio.


This error is thrown because the NI-SCOPE driver API does not support performing Time Delay and Phase Delay measurements between channels of different PXI oscilloscope instruments. Hence, you cannot call the 'Other Channel' property by passing a multi device session reference to the Property Node.

These measurements are supported in InstrumentStudio because InstrumentStudio performs additional processing on the measurements that users would have to code for themselves when using the NI-SCOPE driver API. InstrumentStudio performs these measurements using methods that don't rely on NI-SCOPE driver calls.

If you would still like to perform these measurements in LabVIEW on channels of different PXI oscilloscopes, you need to implement your own logic by processing the waveforms acquired on both the channels.