Algorithm Was Not Able to Locate the Data Matrix Error in VBAI

Updated May 21, 2021

Reported In


  • Vision Builder for Automated Inspection

Issue Details

I'm using Vision Builder AI to read 2D barcodes, but when I try to read the barcode using the Read 2D Barcode function, the program throws this error:

Algorithm Was Not Able to Locate the Data Matrix or Code not found

How do I solve this?


In order to correctly use the Read 2D Barcode function in Vision Builder for Automated Inspection, it's important to give it a clear 2D barcode image as an input. If a blurry, noisy or low-resolution image is fed into the function, the stated error will be thrown and the function will not recognize the code.
  1. As a first step, consider changing the Read 2D Barcode function settings, so that the function itself suggests the values of the parameters used in its algorithm.
    • imag2.png
  2. If the function still does not read the barcode after using the Suggest Values option. Consider using a Vision Assistant step to change the contrast, gamma and brightness properties of the image in question before feeding it into the Read 2D Barcode step. Adjust these properties as necessary until the function can automatically detect and read the code in question.

Additional Information

For optimal results, it's important to ensure repeatability of the lighting conditions under which the images are taken as much as possible. If the images vary too much between themselves, it will be harder for the algorithm to detect the codes.