Use E310/312 under UHD v4.0 and GNU Radio v3.8

Updated Apr 16, 2021



Ubuntu18.04.5 LTS
UHD v4.0
GNU Radio v3.8.2.0

USRP E310/312 is used for applications that require stand-alone mode, but the host mode is also of great significance to users. UHD v4.0 supports the host/stand-alone mode of the E312 device, making it more flexible and convenient for users to use the device.
This article is based on UHD v4.0 version, in two modes, introduces the use of GNU Radio software to realize the use of E312.

Host mode:

1. Confirm that both the PC and E312 have been updated to UHD v4.0. See this link for the update method.
2. Connect the PC and E312 to the same network through a router. The E312 uses DHCP by default and can automatically obtain an IP address.
3. Run the uhd_find_devices command to confirm that the UHD driver correctly finds E312.
4. Open GNU Radio and open the designed grc project.
5. Run the grc program to confirm that the host mode can operate normally, and note that the sampling rate can only reach a few MHz.

Stand-alone mode:

1. Modify the parameter Generate Options in the Options module to No GUI , as shown in Figure 1. And delete or disable the GUI-related modules in the corresponding grc design.
Figure 1

2. Click Generate the flow graph to generate a Python script file.
3. Transfer the generated Python script to E320.
4. Run the script, and the error shown in Figure 2 appears. This error will occur when the Python script is run on the E320 for the first time. Just run the script again, and the error will not be triggered later, as shown in Figure 3.
Figure 2
Figure 3

Next Steps

If you need to develop software on E310/312, please refer to the following documents.
Software Development on the E3xx USRP-Building RFNoC UHD / GNU Radio / gr-ettus from Source