Enabling User Access to a Dashboard Support in Systemlink 2020 R4

Updated May 1, 2023

Reported In


  • SystemLink 2020 R4
  • SystemLink 2020 R3

Issue Details

I cannot find Enabling User Access to a Dashboard supported in SystemLink 2020 R4, however it do have support for Systemlink 2020 R2 or lower version. Any reason for this ?


The whole idea of users/privileges/access has changed since Systemlink 2020 R3 release. At this point, Systemlink introduced Workspaces and Users, which resulted in change in the whole security approach.

Now, you can declare the workspace, in which the Dashboard exists and which User should have access to the specific kind of service, including Dashboards. Thus you do not share the privileges to the users one by one, you rather assign the dashboard to the workspace and enable Users to view it. Use this Manual to get into the details.