Set Scrollbar Position for LabVIEW Array

Updated Nov 29, 2023



  • LabVIEW

This article discusses how to programmatically set the position of the scrollbar on a LabVIEW array control or indicator. After following the steps in this article, you will be able to customize the scroll behavior of an array on your front panel.

  1. Ensure that the scrollbar is visible. If the scroll bar is not visible there are a couple of options for how to make it visible:
    • Manually: Right-click on the array. Navigating the context menu, select "Visible Items" >> "Vertical Scrollbar"
    • Programmatically: Set the visibility of the scrollbar programmatically using a property node. (Vertical Scrollbar Visible property)
Scrollbar Visible.PNG
  1. Right-click the array and select Create >> Property Node >> Index Values
Index Values.PNG
  1. Set the value of "Index Values" as needed for your program.
    • The Index Values property specifies the index of the first element to be displayed on the array control or indicator. These values correspond to the values seen in the index display of the array (in the red box below).
    • Setting these values will force the array to scroll to the desired position.