Missing or Grayed Out Function Blocks in DIAdem DAC

Updated Mar 26, 2021

Reported In


  • DIAdem DAC Kit
  • DIAdem 2020 DAC Bundle

Issue Details

I am using DIAdem DAC module, but I am missing some important blocks like formula block and many other functions in DAC view. The icons are visible but grayed out and can not be used. 

Grayed out functions in DIAdem DAC

How could I activate and use these function blocks?


The DIAdem Data Acquisition Module can be activated by a variety of licensing options. You can either buy DIAdem with the DAC Bundle, or can get the DIAdem environment and purchase the DAC Bundle separately. An other version for the DAC Module is also available with limited feature set, called DIAdem DAC Kit. 

You can verify what version you have activated using NI License Manager. If you experience some of the DAC functions to be grayed out as seen on the image above most likely you have the DAC Kit installed. If you would like to use the full functionality of the DIAdem Data Acquisition Module you should activate DIAdem DAC instead.

activated DAC Bundle.png

Additional Information

Starting from DIAdem 2014 when installing the environment all components will be installed on your computer. However, certain parts of the application will only be available once they have been activated. 

You can see further information on what different DIAdem editions include here.