How to Change the Network Settings for SLSC?

Updated Nov 1, 2023



  • SLSC-12001

NI Switch Load and Signal Conditioning (SLSC) extends the PXI or CompactRIO platform with the ability to add custom front-end modules.
The SLSC-12001 chassis houses SLSC modules and is connected to the host system by a GigE Ethernet link to the Host system. 

SLSC 12001 Block Diagram

  1. Open NI MAX
  2. The SLSC appears under Network Devices, either under My System or your other NI Hardware Controller depending on your network topology.
  3. Change the IP and other network configurations in the Network Settings tab of NI MAX
If the SLSC is not present in NI MAX:
  1. Ensure the NI SLSC driver is installed
  2. Refer to the Network Communication Troubleshooting section of the SLSC-12001 Getting Started Guide.