A Message Prompt Is Preventing Me From Closing the VI Property After Changing the Runtime Panel Size

Updated Apr 25, 2021

Reported In


  • LabVIEW

Issue Details

A message box appears to prevent changes from being made in VI properties.

The runtime panel size is smaller than the minimum panel size. This will cause your VI to function incorrectly.

Picture below for example.



Check the changes made to the values of "Panel Size" in "Window Run-Time Position" category, and "Minimum Panel Size" in "Window Size" category of the VI properties settings. (Picture below for example)
The message appears as the set "Panel Size" is smaller than the user specified "Minimum Panel Size".
Please perform one of below:
1)Decrease the "Minimum Panel Size" setting to values smaller than the "Panel size".
2)Increase the "Panel Size" setting to values greater than the "Minimum Panel Size" set.