Cannot View Frame Names in NI-XNET Bus Monitor on Remote Real-Time Machine

Updated Jun 1, 2021

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I'm monitoring CAN communication on a real-time device like a PXI or cRIO, and want to view the names of incoming CAN frames based on the Database Alias that I've assigned. When monitoring these frames on my main, non real-time PC, I can see them successfully, but I cannot see the frame names for incoming CAN frames when monitoring communication on my real-time device. I've verified that I've correctly configured logging for my communication. Are there any additional steps I need to take to view the database names of incoming CAN frames?

Visualization of behavior on remote RT machine - frames arrive as raw, with no database alias name.


This behavior is expected - the real-time distribution of the NI-XNET Bus Monitor is not capable of displaying frame names based on a set database alias.

The RT Bus Monitor does not have the same suite of features as the local/PC distribution of the software, and is additionally unable to display frame history, or comments on specific frames from a set database alias.