Include Variable as Part of TestStand Report Name

Updated Jun 6, 2023

Different applications will have different needs. In some case, it is a must to include some test parameters or information from the variable into the report file name, either for classification purposes or to ease the data cleaning process later.

This article will demonstrate how to include the value of a variable into TestStand report file's name.

To have the value of a variable as part of the TestStand report file name, the variable used must be a Station Global type. This is due to the report options are on the station level where all sequence files from the single station will share the same report settings.
  1. Create a new Station Global variable by right click it and select Insert Station Global. Choose the desired variable type and name it accordingly. Create station global variable
  2. Select Configure>>Result ProcessingConfig
  3. A new Result Processing dialog box will appear. Click the Options of Report. Result Processing
  4. A new Report Options dialog box will appear. Go to Report File Pathname and select Generate Report File PathReport Options
  5. Select Specifying Report File Paths by Expression  at the dropdown of File/Directory Options. dropdown.png
  6. Insert the Station Global variable into the Report File Path as illustrated by the image below. file path.png
  7. Select OK and proceed to generate a dummy report to ensure the report name is generated as expected.