MP500 Support Of ISO 15693-2 NFC Data Rates

Updated Mar 17, 2021

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  • Micropross Accessories


HW: MP500 TCL3 or MP500 PT1
SW: MPManager or MPuLib

Issue Details

The ISO 15693-2 specification states that there are five data rates possible for the Vicinity protocol: 6.62 kbit/s, 26.48 kbits/s, 52.97 kbits/s, 105.94 kbits/s, and 211.88 kbits/s.

Does the MP500 hardware support all of these data rates? If so, how do I implement them?


The MP500 supports all of the data rates listed above as of January of 2019, with the release of the firmware version Driver 1.18, FPGA 21.

In order to implement any of the data rates in MPManager, simply use a Configure step under the ISO 15693 section, and then select the proper data rate in the Command parameters section as shown below.

In order to choose the desired data rate in your own source code using the MPuLib API, use the MPC_AddToScenarioPCD( ) function and use the TSCN_DO_CHANGE_VC_DATA_RATE parameter, which has the value of 34.