Save MPManager Script Configuration Settings to a File

Updated Mar 17, 2021

Reported In


  • Micropross Accessories


HW: MP500 TCL3
SW: MPManager

Issue Details

I am changing waveform settings such as field strength, fall time, rise time, carrier frequency, modulation depth, and others in MPManager using the configuration tab. I do not want to have to reset these values each time I open MPManager and would like to save them to a file for easier access.

How can I save these values to a file and recall them when necessary?


MPManager allows you to save these settings to a file in .cfg format. With the configuration tab open in MPManager, simply click on "save as" and provide Windows with a file name and location, as shown below.

To recall previously stored settings, simply click on "open", locate your saved .cfg file, and click on "Open". Your settings will then be loaded into MPManager as before.