Can Property Values be Set to Read-Only in TDM/TDMS Files?

Updated Mar 25, 2021

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  • DIAdem

Issue Details

Currently any user can access the TDM/TDMS files with the measurement data, which also means the property values could be changed by any user. Is there a way to lock the property values so that they are essentially "read-only" and cannot be changed, for instance, while adding or saving channels to the TDM/TDMS file?


Unfortunately, this is not possible. Both the TDM and TDMS file formats have no concept of a read-only property, so whatever is saved to disk can be changed by any user.

One option to consider as a workaround is if you "register-load" the TDM/TDMS data file into Data Portal, it will automatically be loaded as read-only channels. You can "register-load" your data file from the File Browser, by selecting Register Data from the context menu of the file you want to register. 

Additional Information

Within DIAdem, some properties are in the read-only state because they are tightly managed by DIAdem. These properties cannot be changed while the data is in the Data Portal, but again as soon as you save the data to file, you could change even those read-only properties.