NI ELVIS III Connection Failed in MeasurementsLive

Updated May 1, 2023

Reported In




  • Measurements Live


  • Google Chrome

Issue Details

I'm using ELVIS III with MeasurementLive to acquire data. When trying out to connect the hardware it always shows the following connection failed error message. I have this issue with either USB, Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection. This was working fine some weeks ago, but is not working anymore. How can I fix this?
Connection failed. Check USB connection or troubleshoot.
Connect the device's rear USB-C port to your computer. Click Connect to pair the device. 

Warning: A popup window may appear. 

ELVIS III error.png


This error is caused by a compatibility issue between MeasurementLive and the latest version of Google Chrome (v89.0.4389.82). The recent update of the browser is blocking the Real-Time Communication (RTC) calls, resulting in a connection failure. A Corrective Action Request (CAR:1363204) was filled with the R&D Team.

So far, NI is recommends the following workarounds:
  • Use Mozilla Firefox with an ethernet connection to the ELVIS III, which has support for Measurements Live as of 26th August, 2021. If you require a USB connection, navigate to
  • Downgrading the Google Chrome version from the latest one to 88.0 or older and blocking automatic updates. This is the preferred method if you are using your PC without internet connection. 
  • Using Slimjet browser on Windows computers*.
  • Using Safari browser on MAC computers.
  • Turn off the windows firewall, and set the IP Address to automatic IP Address Reading.

Additional Information

*Digital I/O feature in MeasurementsLive is not working properly when the host PC does not have an internet connection. This was reported in CAR:1233664.