ELVIS III Connection Failed in Measurement Live

Updated Apr 12, 2021

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  • Measurements Live

Issue Details

I'm using ELVIS III with Measurement Live to acquire data. When trying out to connect the hardware it always shows a connection failed error. I have this issue with either USB, Ethernet or Wifi connection. This was working fine some weeks ago, but is not working anymore. How can I fix this?

ELVIS III error.png


We found a compatibility issue between Measurement Live and the latest version of Google Chrome (v89.0.4389.82). The recent updates of Google Chrome are blocking the Real-Time Communication (RTC) calls resulting in a connection failure. A Corrective Action Request (CAR:1363204) was filled with the R&D Team.

So far, NI is recommending the following workarounds :
  • If you have the most recent update of Chrome, try downgrading it and blocking automatic updates by following the steps in this link. You should downgrade it to a version older than 88.0. 
  • Use Slimjet on Windows computers.
  • Use Safari on MAC computers.

Additional Information

You can check your Google Chrome version as explained here .