Disable NI Error Reporting (NIER) for TestStand and SemiOI

Updated Mar 17, 2023

My TestStand and SemiOI applications crash and generate dump files. How can I disable NI Error Reporting (NIER) completely so that the dump file will not be created?

Complete the following steps to disable NIER for TestStand and SemiOI.
  1. If you are running code with TestStand (SeqEdit.exe), the dump file will be created only with the LabVIEW Adapter set to Run-Time Engine.
    • You could add the token NIER=False in [SeqEdit] section to SeqEdit.ini to disable NIER. The INI file should be in the same directory as the SeqEdit.exe. If the INI file or the INI section doesn't exist, create it.
SeqEdit token.PNG
  • Please note that stopping NIER server (nierserver.exe) is not applicable to the case where TestStand with the LabVIEW Adapter set to Run-Time Engine.
  1. If you are using the SemiOI to run the sequence, there are two methods to disable NIER.
    • You can open SemiOI.ini and apply NIER=False to the end of [SemiOI] section as shown below.
SemiOI token.PNG
  • Alternatively, you can also disable the NI Error Reporting Server in the Startup tab of the Task Manger and terminate 32-bit and 64-bit nierserver.exe in the Details tab to turn off the NIER.
NIER startup.PNG

nierserver disable.PNG