Acceptance Criteria For EMVCo Pre-Verification Test Case CA151

Updated Mar 16, 2021

Reported In


  • Micropross Accessories


HW: Contactless Test Station
SW: MPManager & EMVCo PICC Analog Test Suite

Issue Details

I am running test case CA151, Type A PICC Performance Pre-Verification, and I noticed that the test passes regardless of the values that are returned. Sometimes they seem to be out of the normal acceptable range, but they still are reported as passing.

Why is this?


This is an auxiliary test case that was included by the EMVCo certification body for informational purposes only. There are no acceptance criteria provided by EMVCo. When tested at the lab, the lab is instructed to contact Payment Services for the criteria to be applied.

Users should allow the results to inform them of the performance of their device and are free to decide if the results of this particular test case are within tolerance.

Additional Information

Please reference section 8.8.9 of EMVCo PICC Analogue Test Bench and Test Case Requirements Version 3.0b for more information on this test case.