Archived:SignalExpress Data View Title Do Not Adapt to Localized Language

Updated May 1, 2024

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  • SignalExpress


  • Localized OS

Issue Details

I have created a SignalExpress program that I want to send to a colleague of mine who has a localized OS.
I have some Data View title with a default name that adapt to the localized language and some other that stay in the original language. How can I fix this behaviour?


Once you have modified the title of a Data View with a custom name (eg. "Data View1"), you don't have the option to go back to the default name. Changing the title to the default one ("Data View") will not have any effect.

If you want to have to have a title that adapts to the localization of the OS, you need to create a new "Data View" without modifying he title.