How to Setup WLAN 2*2 MIMO Configuration With WLAN Toolkit

Updated Feb 14, 2023



  • PXIe-5644
  • PXIe-5840


  • WLAN Test Toolkit 20.0

RFmx software is not support WLAN MIMO test until now,  NI only provide the WIFI Toolkit to support the WLAN MIMO test. WIFI Toolkit was including the WLAN Generation Software Front Panel and WLAN Analysis Software Front Panel; Remark: RFmx Waveform Creator (modulation: WLAN) had the seem UI, but it didn't support MIMO setting.

Below information is talking about how to setup one environment for 802.11ax 2*2 MIMO testing with WLAN Toolkit.

1. Hardware Requirement: PXIe-1082 1pcs, PXIe-8840 1pcs, PXIe-5644 2pcs 
Below is one hardware setup example:
, Hardware setting.jpg

2. Check NI MAX , make sure two VSTs are detected and showed in EQ list

EQ List.jpg

3.Setting the software, Open the WLAN Generation Software Front Panel first

4. Select the Number of Generators, then set the Carrier Frequency as below:
SG Setting1.jpg

5. Select the correct VST as generator 1 and 2 

SG Setting2.jpg

6. Setting the 802.11 Standard, Channel Bandwidth and Numbers of Tx Channels
SG Setting3.jpg

7. Select the PPDU Type and Mapping Matrix

SG Setting4.jpg

Follow the help document, 802.11ax should work with Hadamard, Fourier or User Defined type of mapping matrix.
SG Setting5.jpg

8. After completed above setting, click the "Generate" button to generate the WLAN signal 
SG Setting6.jpg

9. Open the WLAN Analysis Software Front Panel, then setting the Number of Analyzers as below
SA Setting1.jpg

10.Setting the correct EQ for analyzer 1 and 2, then setting the Carrier Frequency same as SG side

SA Setting2.jpg

11. Setting Channel Numbers for SA, 2*2 MIMO need 2 channels
SA Setting3.jpg

12. Complete above setting in SA, click the black triangle button to start measuring 

SA Setting4.jpg

We could complete the WIFI 2*2 MIMO for 802.11ax testing。