How to Change My CTS3 Hostname

Updated Mar 9, 2021



  • Contactless Test Station 3
  • Micropross Accessories

Here is the step by step procedure to change the hostname of the CTS3

1. Download an SSH client like PuTTY in order to access the CTS Linux
2. Install and open it
3. Click on SSH, write down the current Host Name or IP adress of the CTS3 and click on Open
putty 1.PNG
4.if a Security Alert shows up, click on Yes
putty 2.PNG the SSH client window write down default as login.
putty 3.PNG
6.Write down the following command echo "NewHostName">/etc/hostname by replacing "NewHostName" by the hostname you choose.
putty 4.PNG
7.Reboot your CTS



You will be able to adress your CTS with the new hostname. Depending on your network configuration, your server can take some time to apply the change.