Archived:Migrate LabVIEW Web Services Build Specifications using Migration Tool

Updated Dec 2, 2023

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  • LabVIEW 2012 Full
  • LabVIEW 2012 Professional
  • LabVIEW Full
  • LabVIEW Professional

Prior to LabVIEW 2013, LabVIEW Web Services applications were created and deployed using Build Specifications. With the 2013 release, NI deprecated the web service build specification and moved Web Service access to a project item under the target (e.g. My Computer).

In order for customers to migrate the functionality of their Web Services applications built prior to 2013, users can utilize the Web Services Migration Tool. This will convert a web service build specification to the new project item.

This tutorial walks you through the installation and initial launch of the Web Service Migration Tool. Installation requires the use of VI Package Manager (VIPM). Information on the tool's OS and LabVIEW compatibility is available in the VIPM Package Information.


     ws LabVIEW 2012.png          ws LabVIEW 2013.png     
LabVIEW 2012 and Prior: Build SpecificationLabVIEW 2013 and Later: Project Item Under Target

If you are creating a new project in LabVIEW 2013 and later, it is recommended that you follow instructions in Creating and Accessing a LabVIEW Web Service from LabVIEW Help as a project item and not a build specification.

Install Web Service Migration Tool

  1. Ensure that VI Package Manager from JKI is installed
  2. Download the attached package from the Attachments section at the bottom of the article.
  3. Launch VI Package Manager
  4. Select the version of LabVIEW that you would like to install the package to from the drop-down
vipm YEAR.png
  1. Select File >> Open Package File(s) and navigate to the downloaded Web Service Migration Tool package. Select OK.
  2. On the VIPM - Packages Found Dialog box, select Add to Library & Install
vipm in.PNG
  1. Complete installation in VIPM
  2. View Help documentation

Launch and Use Web Service Migration Tool

Once the Migration Tool is installed, you will be able to convert previous Web Service build specifications to the new project item for your target.
  1. Launch LabVIEW and open the project the contains your Web Service build specification.
  2. Open the Web Service Migration Tool. There are two ways to launch the tool:
    • Navigate to Tools >> Web Service Migration
    • Right-click the web service build specification you want to convert -> Convert to Project Item
      • Note that the right-click option will appear after you restart LabVIEW after install. The Tools item should appear right after install.
  1. Follow prompts within the Web Service Migration dialog box to convert your Web Service build specification to a project item
    • For questions regarding any inputs or options on each page of the dialog box, select Help on the bottom-right corner. Help pages exist for each page of the Web Service Tool dialog box
      • Help files are also available from the LabVIEW window under Help >> Web Service Migration Tool