How Do I Add XNET Debugging Channels in VeriStand?

Updated Mar 15, 2021



  • VeriStand



This article will describe how to add additional debugging channels to VeriStand, such as CAN "Transmit Error Counter".

  1. Open the VeriStand System Definition
  2. Navigate to Targets -> Controller -> Hardware -> Chassis -> NI-XNET
  3. Right-click on the CAN, LIN or FlexRAY port you wish to add additional channels to and select "Add Port Specific Channels".
  4. You should see the section of "Interface" populate with additional channels. Note that many of these were only added in VeriStand 2020
  5. Teams_E8oGJglv3U.png
  6. You can find a full description of these interface channels on the XNET VIs that are used to gather this information:
    1. CAN
    2. LIN
    3. FlexRAY