NI-VISA Driver Wizard Not Showing After Installing NI-VISA

Updated Jun 20, 2023

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Operating System

  • Windows

Issue Details

  •  I'm not able to launch the NI-VISA Driver Wizard. Am I missing an add-on?
  • How can I manage the additional installations of the NI-VISA driver on my computer?
  • When I search for NI-VISA Driver Wizard on the Windows key, it is not an installed program. 


The NI-VISA Driver Wizard is an additional tool that may be installed with the NI-VISA driver. If the end-user can't launch this tool, there might be a chance that this was not selected in the installation process. In order to verify this, follow these instructions:
  1. Open NI Package Manager. The 'Installed' tab should be selected by default.
  2. Search for 'visa' like in the following screen capture:nipm1.png
  3. Let's go all the way to the right on 'NI-VISA' and select the gear icon that will appear as shown in the following:     nipm2.png
  4. The additional installer pop-up window for NI-VISA will appear and the end-user can choose all the required tools. The following is an example for the NI-VISA Driver Wizard:nipm3.png
  5. Mark the checkbox for 'NI-VISA Driver Development Wizard' and follow the installer steps. 
  6. Reboot your machine. 
After following these steps, the end-user should be able to access the tool by searching using the Windows key.