Error -2147220292 in NI RAD Utility

Updated Jan 20, 2023

Reported In


  • CompactRIO Controller


  • Replication and Deployment Utility

Issue Details

When I try to retrieve an image of my cRIO using NI Replication and Deployment Utility (RAD) , I receive the following error message: 
Application Image Retrieval Error: 
nisyscfg.lvlib:Create System Image(Folder).vi:710001<APPEND>

<b>Complete call chain </b>
    nisyscfg.lvlib:Create System Image (Folder).vi:710001
    rad_Retrieve Image
    rad_Retrieve Application Image From
    Replication and Deployment -2147220292

Retrieval error.png



Error -2147220292 occurs when there is an attempt to retrieve the image of a Real-Time(RT) target with a full hard-drive. To fix this error, free up space from the RT target by, for example:
  •  Transferring files to the host PC .
  •  Transfering files to external storage connected to the target .
  • Uninstalling unused software. For the last suggestion:
    1. Launch NI Measurement & Automation Explorer.
    2. Expand Remote Systems and navigate to the desired target.
    3. Expand the target. Right click and select Add/Remove Software.
    4. Click the Remove tab, select the packages to be removed from the target and click Review changes.
    5. Review the packages that have been selected for removal and click Continue.
    6. After the removal is complete, click Close to dismiss the success dialog.