What Is the Compatibility Chart of the NFC Forum Digital Test Suite?

Updated Jun 16, 2022

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SW: NFC Forum digital, NFC Forum SNEP and NFC Forum LLCP Test Suites

Issue Details

Several versions of MPManager user interface and of NFC Forum test suites are available on the download center.
It is important to know which version of MPManager to use with the test suite I want to execute.

Could you provide a table indicating which firmware and MPManager versions are recommended to be used with a given version of the NFC Forum Digital, SNEP or LLCP test solutions?


You can find below a compatibility chart regarding the NFC Forum Digital, SNEP and LLCP test suites:
NFC Forum Digital.PNG

Additional Information

MPManger and firmware versions to be used with our certified NFC Forum test solutions can also be found on NFC Forum website. in the National Instruments section.