Configure 2 wire mode for RS485 on a cRIO

Updated Oct 31, 2022



  • CompactRIO Controller

Operating System

  • LabVIEW Real-Time (NI Linux Real-Time)

How can I configure 2 wire mode on a cRIO running Linux RT?

This can only be accomplished in LabVIEW via VISA property nodes.

To do this
  • Create a project that includes the cRIO chassis and create a new VI on the RT Target.
  • Place a "VISA Property Node" on the Block Diagram. It can be found by referring to Functions Palette>>Instruments I/O>>VISA>>Advanced>>VISA Property Node.
  • From the properties select the Wire Mode under Serial Settings>>Wire Mode.
  • Then change the mode to write
  • After this, select the Port to configure and the desired Wire Mode.
This VI either can be run without further modifications or this configuration can be placed before the main code of the VI.

As a result, the wire mode of the cRIO controller's built-in Serial Port will be changed.