Configure Wire Mode for RS-485 on a cRIO

Updated Mar 21, 2023



  • CompactRIO Controller

Operating System

  • LabVIEW Real-Time (NI Linux Real-Time)

How can I configure the RS-485 wire mode on a cRIO running Linux RT?

Changing the wire mode of an RS-485 interface in a Linux RT target, like a cRIO, can only be accomplished in LabVIEW through VISA property nodes. To change the wire mode, follow the steps illustrated below:
  1. Create a project that includes the cRIO chassis and create a new VI on the RT Target.

  1. Place a VISA Property Node on the Block Diagram. It can be found by referring to Functions Palette >> Instruments I/O >> VISA >> Advanced >> VISA Property Node.
  1. From the properties, select the Wire Mode under Serial Settings >> Wire Mode.
  1. Change the property mode to write using the contextual menu, as shown below.
  1. After this, select the RS-485 interface to configure and desired Wire Mode.
This VI can either be run without further modifications or placed before the main code of the VI.