How to use TestStand Projects and Workspaces with Source Code Control (SCC)

Updated Jun 7, 2023

By default the TestStand (TS) workspace and project files are saved in a binary format and the included Diff Utility that ships with TestStand doesn't work with these files. With the workspace open you can change the file format of the workspace (.tsw) and projects (.tsp) to XML so that they'll be able to be checked with any text-based diff utility.

Note that this process works on currently open Workspaces and Projects and if you don't see the neccessary entries in the list in step 3 then make sure the workspace and projects you want to change the format for are open in TestStand.
  1. With the workspace/project open go to Station Options in the Configure menu:Station Options dialog entry in the TestStand Configure menu
  2. In the Station Options dialog, navigate to the File tab and click on the File Format Options... button:markup-StationOptions.png
  3. In the File Format Options dialog, select the files to change the format of and change the Format setting:markup-FileFormatOptions.png
  4. Close all of the dialogs and save everything in TestStand to update the format of the files.

After changing the format selection and saving the workspace you'll be able to open the tsp and tsw files in a text editor and see the contents in a human readable XML format. You'll then be able to specify in your source control system that these files can be diffed and merged in the text based merge utility of your choice.