Warning -2147220623 When Configuring a Rt Target as EtherCAT Master

Updated Feb 10, 2021

Reported In


  • NI Linux RT System Image

Issue Details

I am configuring my Real-Time device to work as an EtherCAT master. Whenever I configure one of these adapters to be an EtherCAT master on NI-MAX it will make the adapter disappear after restarting the RT OS. The only way to bring the adapter back on NI-MAX is by reformating the device to default settings.
After the Adapter disappears I connected the RT target to a monitor a noticed that is throwing Warning -2147220623 on the OS console as shown in this picture:



This issue can happen because there is an incorrect assignation of the PrimaryMAC value(For instance your PrimaryMAC value corresponds to the MAC address for the physical port 2).
In order to resolve this issue, you need to go to the
ni-rt.ini file within your RT target disk. Right there you need to modify the PrimaryMAC value to be the MAC Address that corresponds to the MAC Address of the physical port 1. Then you need to assign the adapters by changing the ini file values.