Activation of LabVIEW Community Edition 2020 SP1

Updated Feb 10, 2021



  • LabVIEW

I downloaded the 2020 SP1 version of LabVIEW Community Edition from NI's website and after installing it, it does not activate the Community version and instead asks for an activation of the Professional version, why is this happening and how do I get the Community Edition.

We have identified this behavior and the following steps have worked in many cases for getting the adequate license for the Community Edition.
  1. Log out of NI License Manager
  2. Re-download LabVIEW Community Edition using the same User ID that you will use when logging into NI License Manager
    • Note that a full re-install is not required at this step
  3. Launch and log into NI License Manager to reattempt activation

If the steps mentioned above do not fix the issue, please contact NI support, or follow up with the following forum post .