NI MAX Missing Data Neighborhood and Scales Sections on Deployment Computer

Updated Nov 20, 2023

Reported In


  • Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX)
  • LabVIEW


  • NI-DAQmx

Issue Details

I am attempting to install a LabVIEW NI-DAQmx program onto a deployment computer, and have built a LabVIEW installer to do so. The installer completes correctly, but when I go to configure my hardware in NI MAX, the Data Neighborhood and Scales sections are missing, making it so I cannot configure my hardware tasks in MAX. Why are these sections missing?


The Data Neighborhood and Scales sections in NI MAX are likely missing due to your LabVIEW installer not installing NI-DAQmx Configuration Support, which is required to configure tasks and scales in MAX. You can confirm this by going to the Software tab in NI MAX, and checking to see if both NI-DAQmx Device Driver and NI-DAQmx MAX Configuration Support is present

If you only have NI-DAQmx Device Driver, then you need to add NI-DAQmx Max Configuration, this package is added when the NI-DAQmx Runtime with Configuration Support is installed. To install this you can follow next steps:
  1. Open NI Package Manager.
  2. Look up NI-DAQmx and click the gear icon that appears in the last column.
  3. Check the NI-DAQmx Runtime with Configuration Support option to install it. Press Next.
    • image.png
  4. Follow the instructions along and wait until the installation is complete.
  5. Once NI-DAQmx Runtime with Configuration Support has been installed, open NI MAX.
  6. In NI MAX, go to View and press Refresh.
  7. Data Neighborhood should appear below My System in NI MAX.

Another solution you can perform is including configuration support in your installer by editing your installer build specification in your LabVIEW project. 
  1. In the Installer Properties Dialog Box for your installer, select Additional Installers from the categories on the left and ensure that NI-DAQmx Runtime with Configuration Support is one of the selected installers listed in the window.
  1. After adding the NI-DAQmx Runtime with Configuration Support installer, rebuild your installer. 
  2. Uninstall the software currently installed on your deployment machine and re-run your new installer on your deployment machine.
You should now be able to correctly import and configure tasks and scales for your hardware in NI MAX.