Alliance Partner Software Deployed License Is Requesting Reactivation

Updated Nov 1, 2023

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  • Partner Software

Issue Details

Our Alliance Partner Software deployed license shows the remaining days in NI License Manager on our offline computer and it requests for reactivation on the license renewal date. It has never requested a reactivation in the past. Why am I seeing this?


It is an expected behavior as the Alliance Partner Software is a lease which must be renewed on an annual basis. This ensures that our partners have the most up-to-date NI software and are recognized as an active Partner. The Alliance Partner Software will deactivate if not renewed on time.

Additional Information

The reason behind that if you were using the same Alliance Partner Software License in the past for a longer time and you never have been requested to reactivate it, is our Alliance Partner Software licensing procedure has been changed in the near past. Before changing the licensing procedure, the Alliance Partner Software activation codes could have been generated for a longer time (e.g. 3 or 5 years) and these licenses have reached their expiry date nowadays.