PXIe-1085 24 GB/s Firmware Update Issue

Updated Sep 28, 2023

Reported In


  • PXIe-1085

Issue Details

After swapping the power supply shuttle between PXIe-1085 24 GB/s chassis,
  • I could not update firmware in NI MAX. Firmware update returns an error.
  • Firmware version shows zero in NI MAX.
  • NI MAX reports incorrect chassis firmware version.


Recent design changes, made to replace end-of-life components, have led to some instances of error in older installations of PXI Platform Services and NI MAX if power shuttles are moved between different revisions.
If you encounter the errors above, make sure that you are using PXI Platform Services 20.0 or later and update PXI Chassis Firmware to PXIe-1085 Firmware 20.0.0f0 or later to support the new hardware changes.