Report Generation Toolkit Does Not Apply MS Word Table Format Correctly

Updated Jun 6, 2023

Reported In


  • LabVIEW Report Generation Toolkit

Issue Details

I'm creating a Microsoft Office table using the LabVIEW Report Generation Toolkit.  I'm using the MS Word custom tables style named List Table 3 - Accent 6, but when the table is created, the formatting does not match as I would expect. The table style should have white bold letters in the header, but the table created by the  LabVIEW Report Generation Toolkit does not match.

The following images show this behavior:  
Expected Table 
Actual Table



This issue has been reported as a bug in LabVIEW Report Generation Toolkit 2020.  The incorrect formatting happens with the MS Word List Tables styles that have white bold letters in the header.

The current workaround is to generate the table using the Report Generation Toolkit, and then to manually apply the expected formatting to the table's header by using the Word Format Cell .vi from the Report Generation Toolkit library.