PXIe-8301 Error Code 55 in Windows Device Manager

Updated Feb 16, 2023

Reported In


  • PXIe-8301

Issue Details

When using a PXIe-8301 to connect my hardware to a laptop, I see a warning in the Windows Device Manager with Error 55 in all my PXI devices and NI SMBus Controller.

image003.pngimage002 (1).png

Also, I'm unable to detect the chassis and modules correctly in NI MAX, even if the Thunderbolt Control Center detects the controller properly. 



In Device Manager, Error Code 55 is associated with Kernel DMA Protection preventing the PXIe-8301 from connecting.

To resolve this problem, check the Solution section of the following article: Driver Verifier DMA Violation Blue Screen With MXIe or Thunderbolt Modules.

As explained there you can follow one of these steps:
  • Update your Windows 10 version to the latest version, as this issue has been resolved. 
  • Get into the BIOS and Disable the Kernel DMA Protection, or Disable the Intel Virtualization Technology for I/O (VT-d), depending on the manufacturer.