How to Hide S2VNA Software When Running LabView Code For PXIe-S5090

Updated Nov 8, 2022



  • CMT PXIe-S5090

PXIe-S5090 is the only one VNA product, which is designed from Copper Mountain Technologies.  It is support CmtLV library  and  CMT side software panel. Before we used the VNA by LabVIEW code,  we should open S2VNA software first.  Some customer have some concern about the S2VNA software when running LabVIEW code. We should provide some solutions to avoid opening the S2VNA software before running LabVIEW code. How could you hide the S2VNA software when running LabVIEW code ?

Now there are two solutions for your reference to reach the target.
1. System Hide VI
You could find one sub-vi “System” in CmtNA.lvproj, as below:

When you  add the System into our LabVIEW code, it could avoid S2VNA software panel opening when running LabVIEW code. For example as below:

Another solution is using string "visible=false" assisted with Init With to hide the S2VNA software when running LabVIEW code.

The two solutions are support to hide the S2VNA software, but it just hiding, which is not closing the S2VNA software.  Because the S2VNA software is one bridge of LabVIEW code controlling S5090;  Even you can see the S2VNA is hided ,the S2VNA program is still working(you can check window task manager).

1. The LabVIEW code is running normally when S2VNA software was hiding.
2. If you repeat running the code in short time, the code maybe feedback some error.

You can arrange the code like below procedure:

initialize with ------- loop (all measurement needs to be done) --------

Above code procedure is support single testing, if you want to make continuous testing, you should add one "while" or "for" structure for repeating measurement .