Getting Per-Wafer Instead of Per-Site Statistic Data in the TSM OI

Updated Jul 19, 2023



  • TestStand Semiconductor Module

Along with per-site data, the TestStand Semiconductor Module (TSM) gathers per-wafer statistics for a given lot, but the TSM Operator Interface (OI) needs to be modified to retrieve it to allow visualizing or logging results for each wafer independently.

  1. Open the <TestStand>\UserInterfaces\NI_SemiconductorModule\LabVIEW\LVSemiOI.lvproj project in LabVIEW.
  2. Find and open the Do Refresh Controls VI in NI TestStand Semiconductor Module Operator Interface.lvlib:Operator Interface State.lvclass.
  3. To show per-wafer statistics in the "All Sites" control, modify the property node in that VI to obtain the WaferAllSiteLotStatistics item, instead of AllSiteLotStatistics.
  4. To show per-wafer statistics in the per-site controls, replace the GetSiteLotStatistics VI node with the GetWaferSiteLotStatistics VI, found in the project in Dependencies\vi.lib\NI_TestStand_Semiconductor_Module.lvlibp\SemiconductorModuleManager\LotData.

The TSM OI should show per-wafer data instead of per-site. Values should reset with each new wafer.

If you want per-site and per-wafer data, instead of replacing the property and VI, just add the new ones to the Do Refresh Controls VI.