Is There a Maximum for Events and Channels in FlexLogger?

Updated Apr 3, 2023

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  • FlexLogger

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I'm planning on utilizing FlexLogger for data collection and monitoring, and have a large amount of sensors and monitored signals which will necessitate adding a large number of channels and events to my FlexLogger project. Is there a hard maximum for the number of channels and/or events that can be added to a FlexLogger project?


There is no hard maximum to the number of events and channels that can be added to a FlexLogger project, but there are external factors that will limit the number of channels and events you can add to your project.

The most notable of these factors are the processing power of your computer and timing requirements of your project; having a computer with more processing power and a project with looser timing requirements will allow you to add more channels and event to your project. Additionally, certain communication protocols like CANOpen have limits on the maximum number of nodes that can be part of a single network, be sure to be conscious of this, as it could be a limiting factor for channels in your FlexLogger project, you can check further information in The Basics of CANOpen .