Update the Firmware on a SLSC Chassis

Updated Oct 30, 2023



  • SLSC-12001



After upgrading the NI-SLSC driver version being used, you'll need to update the firmware on the SLSC.
This can be done via NI Measurement and Automation Explorer (NI MAX) or by running the LabVIEW example program based on the NI System Configuration API. 
The quickest method is using NI MAX, but if you are unable to use NI MAX for some reason an executable is attached to this knowledgebase article.

To change the SLSC firmware using NI MAX:
  1. Select the SLSC chassis you wish to modify from Network Devices.
  2. In the main panel, select the Update Firmware button.
  3. Browse for the .cfg file you need.
  4. Enter the login information for the device you're updating.
  5. Select OK.
The SLSC chassis will then restart as per the image below and will then be updated.

SLSC Updating Firmware

    To use SLSCFWUpdate.exe (requires installation of LabVIEW Runtime engine 2020).
    1. Run the SLSCFwUpdate.exe (or Configuration.vi from Hardware Input & Output>>SLSC>>Basic Usage in the Example Finder).
    2. Select the SLSC you wish to update from the table on the left of the front panel.
    3. If the SLSC is present skip to point 5, otherwise select Refresh.
    4. If the SLSC is still not present, select Add, to manually add via IP address.
    5. Select Update FW button to update the firmware.
    This will open a pop-up window asking for the .cfg file, which will be stored at C:\Program Files (x86)\National Instruments\Shared\Firmware\SLSC
    1. Browse for the .cfg file you need.
    2. Enter the login information for the device you're updating.
    3. Select OK.
    This will now update the firmware of the device.