4081 DMM auto self calibration can't be triggered on STS Maintenance SW (Workaround provided)

Updated Dec 21, 2020

Issue Details

4082 will do auto self cal, while P143 4081 won't triger the auto self cal even adding AutoSelfCalMode="Enabled" to 4081 in PXI_Definition.xml. Checked SelfCalibration_Definition.xml that we defined auto self cal when time or temperature intervals
I found the correct workaround.  To get 4081 auto-self-cal to run, you will need to change "PXIe-4081" to "NI PXIe-4081" in "C:\Program Files\National Instruments\NI STS Maintenance\Service\Calibration_Definition.xml".


R&D updated MSW Bug 1210462 Instrument Details Provider needs to use heuristically convenient instrument models instead of exact string matches.New  to ensure we get this fixed in all future releases.

Additional Information

For MSW 18.0 and Prior versions, the definition is on C:\Program Files\National Instruments\NI STS Maintenance\Service\SelfCalibration_Definition.xml: