DataPlugin Registration Fails for DIAdem After Installing Other NI Products

Updated Dec 18, 2023

Reported In


  • DIAdem

Issue Details

I have installed LabVIEW 2019 in parallel to DIAdem 2019. If I try to install a DataPlugin, created with DIAdem 2019, I get this error message:
  • "This configuration file was created with a later USI version and cannot be used with the software you have installed"

Before installing LabVIEW 2019 installing a DataPlugin works fine.



If you install DIAdem 2019 or later on a computer and then install another NI software product of the same or older version (for example, LabVIEW 2019 or lower) on the same computer, registration of a DataPlugin that uses USI 19.0 or later fails because the later-installed NI software product modifies registry entries.

To resolve this issue, open the NI Package Manager, deselect "Products Only", and click "Repair" for the "NI USI Core" package.