Error -363511 from SystemLink Send File HTTP API

Updated Dec 31, 2020

Issue Details

I am trying to use SystemLink's Send File to upload files to my SystemLink Server and get the following error. How should I resolve this error?

Error 363511

<b> Complete call chain:</b>
  NI Skyline Utilities.lvlib:Execute
HTTP Multipart
  NI Skyline File HTTP Library.lvlib:
Send File
  NI Skyline File HTTP.lvclass:Send

Attached my LabVIEW code below for a better troubleshooting purpose.


This error is caused by the file path provided to the SystemLink Send File HTTP VI is incomplete, incorrect, or cannot be found. Kindly ensure the file path provided to the VI is the complete file path to the file you intend to upload to your SystemLink server.