Error -307661 NI VeriStand Failed to Deploy the System Definition File

Updated Nov 21, 2023

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  • VeriStand

Issue Details

  • I cannot deploy my VeriStand project and receive the following error -307661 after one of the following: 
    • After upgrading NI VeriStand version.
    • After deployment error -307762 and now cannot deploy any VeriStand projects, even a blank system definition.
    • After adding files from a previous VeriStand project to my current project.
Project Window.lvlib:Project > > Project Window.lvlib:Command >> Project Window.lvlib:Connect to <append> ========================= NI VeriStand: NI VeriStand Gateway.lvlib:VeriStand Server >> NI VeriStand Server.lvlib:NI VeriStand >> System Definition Deployment.lvlib:Deployment >> System Definition Deployment.lvlib:Deploy Target >> WebDAV.lvlib:WebDAV Open Error -307661 occurred at Project Window.lvlib:Project >> Project Window.lvlib:Command >> Project Window.lvlib:Connect to 

Possible Reason(s): NI VeriStand failed to deploy the system definition file.
deployment error.png
NI VeriStand Gateway.lvlib:VeriStand Server >> NI VeriStand Server.lvlib:NI VeriStand >> Waveform Services.lvlib:Clear Active >> Server TCP Interface.lvlib:TCP Send Target System 5680001 >> Server TCP Interface.lvlib:TCP Send Target <append>========================= NI VeriStand: Controller
Target error.png
  • I am using VeriStand 2020 with a model created in LabVIEW 2019. The deployment prints this error on the console: 
    Can't find liblvrt 19.0 


This error often occurs when the LabVIEW version in which the model has been created is different from the VeriStand version in which the VeriStand project has been developed. For example, VeriStand 2019 uses LabVIEW Run-Time Engine 2019, so LabVIEW models must be compiled in LabVIEW 2019. Check the readme for the version of VeriStand being used  for further information on this.
It also occurs after an Error -307762 is seen and remains until the target is restarted.

To fix the error: 
  1. Restarting the target will clear the error. Or if you are using Linux Real-Time and you have a console window open or SSH connection, you can type reboot to restart also.
    1. Open up NI Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX).
    2. Select the target (e.g PXI, cRIO) the project is being deployed to.
    3. Select Restart

However this will not solve the issue longer term with the deployment, so consider these other steps:
  1. Ensure the correct software has been installed on the host PC and target by checking if they match each other and are the ones recommended in the current VeriStand version's readme. 
  2. Verify VeriStand is installed correctly on the target.
    1. Plug a monitor into the target if there is a display port out.
    2. Restart your target. (see step 1. above)
    3. Wait 1-2 minutes for the target to reboot.
    4. You should see the monitor/console out say:
NI VeriStand engine idle. Awaiting command
  1. Either rebuild all LabVIEW models in the required version of LabVIEW or identify the specific models to be rebuilt if there are many.
    • To identify specific models that need rebuilding:
      1. Create an empty project and configure the target.
      2. Add the LabVIEW models 1 by 1 to identify the model(s) causing the issue.
      3. Deploy the project each time you add a model until the error occurs again.
      4. Restart the target once the error occurs.
  2. Check the readme of your VeriStand version to find the correct LabVIEW version required to build the models in.
  3. Use the LabVIEW VI source for the LabVIEW model to build the model for use in NI VeriStand.
  4. After ensuring the RT target has been restarted since the error was last received, add the rebuilt model to a VeriStand project and try to deploy the project. 

This error can also occur if CPU cores of the RT target have been disabled. For guidance on re-enabling them, refer to the CPU Configuration Submenu section of the RT target's user manual.