Error -2233: Output of "RT Get CPU Loads VI" is Empty When Used in a RTEXE

Updated Dec 2, 2023

Reported In


  • CompactRIO Controller


  • LabVIEW
  • LabVIEW Real-Time Module

Issue Details

I am using the "RT Get CPU Loads VI" to monitor the CPU usage of a NI Linux Real-Time CompactRIO. When I use the "RT Get CPU Loads VI" in a VI that has just been deployed to the CompactRIO, I get information from the output of the "RT Get CPU Loads VI". However, when I create a Real-Time Application (RTEXE), the output of the "RT Get CPU Loads VI" is empty, and I receive this error code and message:
NI_Real-Time Target Support.lvlib:RT Get CPU


This error is a known bug when using the "RT Get CPU Loads VI" in Real-Time Application (RTEXE). 
1. Disable the embedded UI option in NI MAX
  • Open NI MAX.
  • Expand Remote Systems in the configuration tree, and then select your RT target.
  • In the Startup Settings section of the System Settings tab, remove the check from the checkbox to disable the Enable Embedded UI checkbox.
  • Click Save, and then Yes when prompted to restart the target.

    Tip:  You also can enable the embedded UI checkbox using NI Web-based Configuration & Monitoring.