Connecting an Inductive Load to the NI-9482

Updated Dec 19, 2023

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  • NI-9482

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I am planning to connect an inductive load to the NI-9482 C Series Relay Module. The module's datasheet does not specify if this can be done. Can I connect an inductive load to the module?


The NI‑9482 directly connects to a wide array of industrial devices such as motors, actuators, and DC devices. Each of the four channels provides access to an electromechanical relay for switching signals up to 60 VDC (1 A) or 250 Vrms (1.5 A). Nevertheless, NI does not recommend to use this module with inductive loads. If you plan to connect the device to an inductive load, you must use a solid protection circuit. A TVS Protection Diode (external link) can be used. NI cannot guarantee the same behavior listed on the specifications if the module is used with an inductive load.