How to Launch the Production Mode and Revert to the Engineering Mode Using MVPi ?

Updated Nov 30, 2020

Reported In


  • Micropross Accessories


SW : MVPi version 1.54.4 (and Later)

Issue Details

I'm using MVPi, how to launch the production mode from the engineering mode and how to come back to the  engineering mode ?


Enable the the production following those steps : 

- Click on Option
- Click on Prod. mode tab
- Tick the Enable Production mode button : 

You can change the Password when you would like revert to the Engineering mode if you click on the Change Engineering Mode Password button.

To launch Production mode, follow those steps :

- Click on Config
- Click on Mode 
- Click on Production

To revert to the Engineering mode, follow those steps :
- Click on Config
- Click on Mode
- Click on Engineering :

Enter the password you have previously defined in the option : 

If you didn't define any password, you just have to click on OK button and you wil move to Engineering mode. There is no default password.

Additional Information

In this simplified mode, an operator cannot change any MVPi parameter. He can only select an application file containing all the required information to launch a production test.