How to Measure Multiple Slot With RFmx GSM

Updated Nov 26, 2020



  • PXIe-5840


  • RFmx GSM/EDGE+

When you measure the GSM signal with RFmx GSM toolkit , you could find it only support measuring length was 1 slot. 
RFmx GSM don't have the measurement length setting panel for customer .(RFmx NR/LTE had the functions)

Is there one solution to measure multiple slots ?

1.Generate one GSM uplink signal with slot 1/2/3 on.

2.Open RFmx GSM to measure the signal, you will see that it only measure 1 slot.

3. Open the setting panel of GSM as below

4. Click the "+" button to add more slots

5. You could see the measurement length changed to 2 slot as below :

6.Open EVM and ORFS  measurement windows to measure the two slots' performance

The result show RFmx GSM could measure multiple slots , as below

Remark: RFmx GSM is only support same modulation slots when measuring multiple slots , even you just want to measure PVT or ORFS