How to Obtain ModAcc and ORFS Results of Specific Slots With RFmx GSM

Updated Nov 26, 2020



  • PXIe-5840


  • RFmx GSM/EDGE+

You are using the RFmx GSM toolkit obtain results for ModAcc, ORFS, and PVT;
When you generate an uplink signal with only Slot 1/2 On, but two slots have different modulation data ,refer to below setting

Then open the RFmx GSM toolkit to measure the signal ,we find the result as below:

You could see the RFmx GSM only support measure one slot,above picture show that it was measuring the Slot1. Is there one solution to measure slot2 ?

The trigger  default setting of RFmx GSM was IQ Power Edge trigger and the measure length was 1 slot . So we could see it only measured the Slot1 like above picture.
1.Change the trigger type as Digital trigger, you will see below result:

There is no real signal data in the measurement result , because it was measuring the slot0 which was un-enabled.
2. Change the delay setting as 576.2us , we could see the same result when measuring with power edge trigger

3.Change the delay as 576.2*2=1152.4us, and change the Modulation Type as"8PSK" , we could see the measurement result for Slot2

We could see the measurement result for each slot by setting the delay value with digital trigger.