How Do I Pass Data Between LabVIEW VI and TestStand

Updated Jun 6, 2023



  • LabVIEW
  • TestStand

  • I have created a LabVIEW VI and wish to use its control/indicators as inputs/outputs in my TestStand application. How do I create and configure these parameter settings in TestStand?
  • How do I pass data from my LabVIEW code module to TestStand?

To use LabVIEW controls/indicators as parameters in TestStand you will need to go through the following steps:
  1. First insert an Action step type from the insertion palette and select LabVIEW as the adapter module.
  2. Once you have inserted the action step into your sequence and have selected the LabVIEW VI, you can edit the parameters for the step, from the Step Settings Tab. The Step Settings Tab will auto-populate the parameters field with the LabVIEW controls/indicators you create in your VI (Note: You must connect your controls/indicators to the connector pane inside your LabVIEW VI).
  3. You can further configure your parameters using the expressions configuration box, which can be accessed from the right hand side of the parameters table.